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More About  Energy Storage - TESS

Energy storage is a dynamic topic and many researches are going around the world. In order to get many benefits like lower power tariff,  lower atmospheric temperature, peak shaving to reduce the power consumption during the peak tariff times largely in developed countries for HVAC projects / Air conditioning systems TESS (Thermal Energy Storage Systems) are used. 

Compressors of Chillers of Big Air Conditioning systems shall be operated primarily during night and non peak hours. The produced cool energy is stored in large specially built double insulated storage systems.

During day time, during peak power tariff hours or as per the load requirement, special HTF - Heat Transfer Fluid transfers the stored cool energy to the circulating water through Heat Exchager The cooled water will take heat from the atmospheric air and convert it as the cool air and supply the same through blowers.

Charging the SmartTESS Storage system during Night & Off Peak Times

Actual Loads of power required for Air Conditioning during a day for a Commercial Building

Peak shaving in air conditioning means supplying stored energy for the AC load during Peak times of the requirement from SmartTESS storage system

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